The future is ours” has never meant more – Val-d’Or Chamber of Commerce’s 2020 Gala de l’entreprise

The future is ours” has never meant more – Val-d’Or Chamber of Commerce’s 2020 Gala de l’entreprise

September was synonymous of recognition and pride for HydroTech Mining.  We have earned two awards at this year’s Val-d’Or Chamber of Commerce Gala, which was the 40th edition. It is a great honor for us, since there is a vast diversity and great quality businesses in the Val-d’Or area.

The second award that we won is « Market Development – Export». This award is given to a company that had a recent growth in sales and business development in markets outside the Val-d’Or area (Canada or international). Innovation in applying a market development and marketing strategy was also an important criteria: Product or Services Export, Acquisitions, Distribution Centers implantation, growing actual or implementing new markets, international market strategies. This is the second year in a row that we are the recipients of this award, illustrating how our market development strategies are putting us on a great path for a Canadian expansion and better service to our current customers. Our Sudbury office, opened a few weeks ago and one to come in the following weeks in Western Canada are solidifying our products & services offering across the country

Prix Développement des marchés


The first award that we received is « Young Enterprise of the year ». To be rewarded as Young Enterprise of the year, a business of 5 years or under of existence has to distinguish itself by its management, growth and development strategy. Other criterion that were also considered by the jury members were entrepreneurship, innovation and management creativity. Winning this award represent great honor for our organization, since we were founded in September 2015 and were able to elevate our standards and products quality to an excellent level. We also have a young team; most of our employees are between 25-45 years old. The turnover rate is considerabely low, most than half of our staff’s tenure is over a year (managers and directors are all in position for 3+ years).

Prix Jeune Entreprise


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