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Specialists in pumping and dewatering solutions

HydroTech Mining specializes in selling, designing, and manufacturing pumping and dewatering solutions for the mining industry. We’re always on the lookout for the most innovative solutions to perfectly meet your needs. We’re backed by our team of experts who are ready to share their extensive knowledge and provide impeccable service, with a personalized approach from start to finish. Their skills include:

  • Extensive experience and wide-ranging expertise
  • Outstanding availability
  • Constant questing for the most cutting-edge solutions
  • Fast, tailored responses to your requests so you can limit downtime on your site

The HydroTech Mining team is renowned in the industry for its availability and attention to detail. Our customers love the uncompromising quality of our dewatering services and solutions.

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HydroTech Mining’s extensive range of solutions is backed by the skills of its experts, who are always there to help you make an informed decision. By constantly seeking the latest innovations, our advisors are able to provide solutions that are perfectly tailored to any situation. The result? A sustainable boost to performance and efficiency.

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Durable dewatering and drainage solutions

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Personalized expertise in mine drainage

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Thanks to their in-depth knowledge of the market and existing products, our advisors will find the solution you need to optimize your performance.

Our sales team is always available to discuss your needs so we can better understand the nature and scope of your project. Our representatives will come to you, wherever you are and whenever suits you best, to provide outstanding personalized service.

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HydroTech Mining has a team of highly skilled mechanics who are ready to quickly restore your equipment to perfect working order, either in our workshop or at your site.

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Design and manufacturing

We offer creative, effective solutions that are tailored to your operational challenges. Thanks to the diverse range of effective products we design and manufacture and the custom hybrid solutions we create, we can provide you with the perfect clear water or slurry pumping solution for your needs.

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